Hob "the Clown" Slyshadow (Overhill)

Halfling, Rogue, Jovial, Loyal, Friendly


STR: 12
DEX: 16
CON: 10
INT: 13
WIS: 10
CHA: 14

AC: 17
REF: 7
Will: 2

HP: 8

Short Swords


Hob was an orphaned child and grew up in slavery. Even though he lived a hard life he always tried to make the best of it, whether that be entertaining his fellow slaves while not in the field or just being jovial in is mundane tasks given to him since he was so small. His masters seeing he had an aptitude for acrobatics and basic tom foolery sold him to a traveling circus troupe. In this troupe Hob became a clown trained to not only make the crowd laugh but to pick the pockets of distracted and unsuspecting crowds. He did this for a few years, up until the news of the Lord Treyes of Kalexcourt’s sons 10th name day, and the troupe was hired to entertain the prince and his guests. It was business as usual during the name day celebrations, but Hob was not having much luck in his looting efforts, the people of Kalexcourt kept their purse close to them. After the festival was over the troupe leader took in the gold that was lifted and then chained the performers up for the night. after he counted the take and found Hob’s to very light he started to beat him. If it wasn’t for the prince sneaking backstage to meet the performers and seeing this display of violence Hob may not still be alive. Shocked at what he saw the prince, Caden, ran to his father to inform him of what he saw. Slavery being band and a capitol offense in Kalexcourt the troupe leader was arrested, and shortly after executed for his crimes. Hob, and his compatriots were freed and welcomed to stay in Kalexcourt if they wished, Hob decided to stay since he had no where else to go. He was 17 at the time when he was freed and he felt he owed his life to Caden. They became close friends, even at Caden’s fathers wishes to not befriend Hob. Neither Hob nor Caden understood why he was against their friendship, but it did not stop either of them. Hob would sneak into the castle, or Caden out. Though he was now free Hob still picked pockets and entertained as a street performer, it was all he knew to do, and he made decent coin doing it. Over the last 10 years He and Caden became as close as brothers and that is how Hob looked at him as a younger brother, a younger brother twice his size, but a younger brother no less.

Hob "the Clown" Slyshadow (Overhill)

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