Character Creation Guide

Standard Fantasy Point Buy(15 Points)

All Paizo Core books usable, no third party books please.

Pre-req: Must tie in char background with Lord Orion Treyes’ son, Cadon Treyes. He is a month away from entering his 20th year, and joining Fort Kalexport’s knight guard.

Campaign Traits~
1)Lords pay-roll: You work for Lord Orion Treyes, start with an extra 200 gold.
2)Orc Blood: Somewhere in your family tree lies an orcish brute, its traits remain strong. Choose either Ferocity, Darkvision (60ft), or the Scent ability to gain as a racial trait.
3)Close Friends: You’ve been in and around Ustalav for quite some time. You know how the saying goes. Gain a +1 to Bluff,Diplomacy or Intimidate, and also gain it as a class skill.
4)Front Lines: Youve been beyond the gates into the Tusk Mtns many times, and they haven’t claimed you yet. When you fall below half health in a fight (Once per day), you gain a +1 to atk and dmg for a number of rounds equal to your Constitution modifier.
5)Child of the Pox: When you were young, you were stricken with the Pox, but despite the odds you pulled through, leaving you both stronger and weaker. Choose 2 of the three saves (Fortitude, Reflex, Will) and gain a +1 to saving rolls. The third save will receive a -1 to saving throws.
6)Fearless Step: You know that hesitation in battle often separates the dead from the living. Whenever you move, ignore the first square of difficult terrain.

Character Creation Guide

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