The Demise of Cadon Treyes

Entry 346(b)
The day Hob died...


Entry 346(a)
Cadon's Name Day Festival

Today is the Son of Summer festival and Cadon’s 20th name day celebration, I am quite excited today. i hope to prove to Lord Treyes that i am worthy of being Cadon’s friend in some of the games today…

…The festival started with a parade of arms of sorts from the keep as Cadon came down to greet all of the visitors and the lords from the other houses who came to enjoy the festivities. He was wearing his Knights Guards armor even though he isn’t in the Guard until tomorrow, interesting choice. There was too many people to go greet Cadon, I will wait til later in the day to say hello and congratulate him…

…Found a loose purse on the way to the archery event, i was sure to tighten the strings on it. Speaking of the archery event i decided to take part in honor of house Treyes but did not have a bow. I called around the area to see if i could borrow one from someone, a child lent me his, it wasn’t in very good condition but beggars can’t be choosers am I right? i gave him a gold for his help. The event was set up with 5 targets at varying distances and each archer had 3 shots per target. I missed my first shot but nailed my second two on the first target. In the second round i hit my first two and missed my last, not too bad. Round three was a hit, miss, hit, at least I’m being consistent. Round four was two hits and a miss, and the last round was one hit and two misses. If only i had hit that last one i would have won, but it was a tie with an ass of a man from house Umber. The event went to a shoot off, and i cant believe i missed the very first shot… how embarrassing…

…I returned the bow to the child, who became the center of attention with his friends after my performance with it in the contest. After that i met up with Cadon, congratulated him on his being accepted into the Knights Guard but also let him know that it might have been a little tacky to wear his armor before he was officially a member, but as i told him he does look good in that armor…

…In between the archery contest and the guards patrol contest i decided to put on a bit of a show for the swell in the population. I must of been pretty flustered aft losing out on the archery contest because it was a pretty mediocre show. I only really attracted children wanting me to use their weapons in future contests. Being that i didn’t know what contests i would be partaking in and what the rules of some of them were i had to decline them all, which of course broke their little hearts…

…The guards patrol event started and i was put on a “team” with a woman and two other men, I say “team” but it was more of fatal four way first to retrieve a gem and get back to the start without being seen won. I ducked under a near table and scouted the area for places to hide the gem. In a near by stall there was open bags of grain, I figured i should check in there. Before i could look, the elf dove into the stall and the male human got caught. I ducked into the stall and dug through the bags of grain, the elf, in a move that could only be described as low but smart stomped out of the stall we were in and then ducked under a table in the middle of the market, alerting the guards to look in the direction of the stall. In turn i dove out behind a cow and slung a cow pie at the elf in response to his attempt to get me caught. It hit him square in the face causing him to gag and yell out how gross it was, and in the process got caught. He swore out in elvish, it really is a beautiful language, even the swearing sounds poetic. After a bit of ducking and diving between pigs and cows, I noticed across the way a pig poking at something with its snout near some crates. The human female noticed this as well though and beat me to it. but in a feat almost as beautiful as that elf’s swearing i cartwheeled over her and the pig she was hiding under while picking up the gem, an emerald about the size of my fist, and then hid behind a stall. She slide up beside me an stole it from my hand, but as she smirked at me i just slapped it out of her hand and darted off. Feeling her hot on my heels i stole a trick out of the elf’s bag and stamped across the market drawing the guards attention which got her caught, and then I just went back to the start point with a flourish over a table for the win!
I am glad i could honor house Treyes in this event, I hope it makes up for my failure to win the archery contest. The treasurers presented me with a wonderfully ornate box which house a magnificently crafted cloak with the sigil of house Treyes on it, it was much too long of course but i have an idea for that…

…Next on the lists of events was the test of strength, this contest was quite vague on the rules until shortly before the event started. It ended up being a drinking contest with not just mead but increasing amounts of mild poisons, or so i was told. I actually don’t remember much of this event. I do recall downing the first two mugs with some ease, the third and fourth were rougher, or was it just the third? The fifth, or fourth, i stood on my chair and yelled, “For Cadon! and house Treyes!” and then downed my mug and immediately passed out. I recall being patted on the head as i was dragged out. I still feel queasy as i am writing this…

…The melee event was next, and in the state i was in i decided against participating. I went and sat with Cadon to watch the event, we had a good laugh until I noticed that house Leamond didn’t have anyone representing them in the melee, to which Cadon responded with, “At least I am not the only one not being represented in this event.” This made me feel bad because up until this event I was the only one participating for house Treyes. I wonder why no one else was representing the house…

…Feast time! What a spread they had, Lord Treyes pulled out all the stoppers for this. Chickens, beef roasts, potatoes as big as my head, even though I was still feeling ill I ate my fair share. There was many toasts to Cadon and cheers and excitement around the tables. This was the first time today i saw lord Treyes, for my performance today in the events i was sat at the head table a few seats down from Cadon, this made me proud of the effort i put in, and i hope it will help prove to lord Treyes I am as worthy as any man to be his sons friend. In the middle of the feast I noticed Cadon acknowledge a man standing off to one side off the room, I have never seen this man before. Shortly after a messenger came up to me with a note, oddly it was from Cadon, why didn’t he just come tell me I was right here. Upon reading the note I noticed it was scribbled quickly, it must be urgent. All the note said was, “Meet me in my room in one hour, Cadon”…

…As i approach the keep it seems i was expected, I didn’t have to sneak in as i usually do. When i arrived the man that Cadon nodded to at the feast was there as well. Cadon asked if we would do a bit of investigating around Kaxelcourt about some political turmoil. The gruff man suggested that we may need to protect Cadon directly, This is something I would do without him even asking. I agreed to help Cadon, as did the other man, Cadon mentioned making us his squires on the Knights Guard to keep us close if he has to go out on patrol. As we exited the room i introduced myself the the other man and he quite coldly responded “M.” and refused my hand shake as he turned his back to me. What kind of name is M? Humans. As he turned his back to me we both were greeted with a pair of shimmering eyes starring right at us from down the corridor…

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